Thank you for visiting The Pastel Project! These past few months, we received lots of collaboration proposals. We’ve been happy yet overwhelmed by it and, as a small team of two people, we strive to answer all your demands. Behind this project, it’s us, Margot and Julian. We’ve recently moved to the beautiful city of Lisbon, Portugal, where we are currently facing the complex housing market. We realized that we have to put our focus and efforts on finding a long-term home, in order to answer your requests and keep creating quality content at the appropriate time and in the best conditions. It is why we took the decision to not provide our email address for the time being.

Below you will find some collaboration ideas.

Are you interested in a brand and/or a product feature?
Would you prefer a long-term collaboration?
Are you looking for an ambassador for your ethical brand?
Or perhaps you would like to feature your brand on our social media.
Or do you simply have a question?

Please get in touch with us at the beginning of 2018. We appreciate you being as specific as possible which will help us to get back to you sooner.

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Some of our collaborations:
Shapes in the Sand Sustainable Swimwear: The Girl and The Sea & Nature Girl
Feelgood Bali – Pajamas with Purpose
Xaanuu – Natural Waterproof Mascara
Agnes b. – Paris Fashion Show