F703 sennheiser x freitag headphonesJust a while ago, I’ve discovered the Swiss brand, Freitag, established in Zurich by the 2 Freitag brothers, who were both crazy about cycling. The urban brand is known for its messenger bag made of used truck tarp, and offers now a large range of different bags. Most recently, Freitag teamed up with the german engineering, Sennheiser, and together created a limited edition of 1500 unique pairs of headphones.
When entering the showroom, I wouldn’t say that my pastel thirst was completely quenched… Well, I’ve never seen a pastel-coloured truck tarp so that would explain it. But all of a sudden, these sea-green F703 Sennheiser x Freitag headphones caught my attention as they were screaming: Hey! We are made for The Pastel Project ! And that’s when uniqueness and individuality made perfect sense. The feeling that it was designed for you, waiting for you to meet your very own aesthetic and making the perfect match, that’s what I felt.
The headphones come with a Freitag case to store and there is enough space to put your smartphone in it. Note for the girls, I have also used it as a beauty case as you can see on my Instagram by clicking here. 🙂

F703 sennheiser x freitag headphones

F703 sennheiser x freitag headphones
F703 sennheiser x freitag headphones

The Urbanite on-ear headphones are super comfortable thanks to the extra thick pad. Even with my small head, I am able to wear the headphones properly without them falling off of my head, as it often happens. Most importantly, the sound is impeccable with clear treble and massive bass ! Hint for all the music lovers.
I am not one to listen to music while working otherwise I get distracted, unless it’s a focusing soundtrack. I mainly listen to music when I am doing repetitive tasks or when alone and on-the-go. I love music that makes me dance or sing like pop or r’n’b. I also enjoy reggae music that instantly puts me in a good mood and relaxes me. What kind of music do listen to?

F703 sennheiser x freitag headphones

At first sight, the brand identity might not match my feminine and chic style. I don’t cycle under the rain, and truck tarp doesn’t sound all that glamorous, but I was seduced by its story and ethical dimension behind the product. Indeed, I am eco-driven. The idea of recycling truck tarp to create useful accessories is genius, creative and environmentally friendly. Since primary school, I’ve always be committed to waste sorting. I can’t throw away plastic, cardboard or glass in a regular bin. Right now, I am focusing on reducing my plastic “consumption”. The first steps were to end buying water in plastic bottles, to take my canvas bags (and stop buying plastic bags), and to stop putting my fruits and vegetables in plastic bags. I will keep developing little actions like the above to reach zero waste. What do you do to be more eco-friendly?

F703 sennheiser x freitag headphones

F703 sennheiser x freitag
F703 sennheiser x freitag headphones

Quick coffee break in terrace to enjoy the first spring sun-rays after picking up fresh flowers at the market.

F703 sennheiser x freitag headphonesTake care of your headphones. Fold them up and put them in their Freitag case!F703 sennheiser x freitag headphones

When strolling in town I love dressing sporty chic and yes, from time to time I love a good all black outfit. These leggings from Casall are amazingly comfortable yet sophisticated. I understand why they are out of stock! But I love these similar ones. F703 Sennheiser x Freitag headphones bring the sufficient pastel dose to the look and a stronger urban attitude. I love it!

sennheiser x freitag headphones
sennheiser x freitag headphones

After my morning make-up or during the day I like to freshen up my face with IBUKI Quick Fix Mist to keep a dewy finish, preventing my foundation from creasing.

sennheiser x freitag headphones

sennheiser x freitag
sennheiser x freitag headphones

sennheiser x freitag headphones

sennheiser x freitag headphones

I had a lot to say in this article from brand discovery to music, fashion and beauty and a subject that’s taking over my lifestyle: being more environmentaly friendly. Which topic would you like to see more on the blog? Just leave me a message in the comment box below!

Shop the look:

Limited edition F703 Sennheiser x Freitag headphones with case*

Casall Legging (oos, but similar in black/transparentchia orangegrey/black or grey/silver)

Ray-Ban black sunglasses

La Cannadienne leather jacket

& Other Stories t-shirt

Nike Rosh One prm Suede (also worn in this article)

Photos: Julian Calo

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  1. Angie
    16/04/2016 at 4:31 pm (1 year ago)

    J’aime beaucoup ton casque et d’apprendre qu’il s’agit d’une fabrication avec un matériau recyclé me plait bien! Il faut préserver notre planète donc j’adhère et préfère acheter un produit issu du recyclage sachant que tu l’as testé et que tu le trouves parfait. Merci pour la deécouverte de cette marquen


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