The Pastel Project is a chic destination that covers everything from ethical fashion, organic beauty, and eco-friendly lifestyle. I hope to inspire and encourage people to live a more sustainable life that respects their health and our planet without losing style.

My mission is to spread the mindful, fair and eco-friendly work of sustainable brands in the fields of fashion, jewelry, beauty, home, and travel to my supportive readership and beyond by creating visual & informative stories.

{MARGOT’S JOURNEY – a French Girl, currently based in Geneva}

about the pastel project and margot guilbert
2014 – The Beginning – Pastel colors & Fashion

I launched The Pastel Project the first day of Spring 2014. At that time, I was living in Berlin studying German, and a few days later I got a job in online marketing. With a business and marketing/communication background, I felt the urge to create something for myself, something artistic and creative reflecting my own aesthetic and personality. I found it through fashion and pastel colors. I was solely focusing on suggesting pastel-colored looks with the hope to encourage people to add a hint of {pastel} color in their everyday life.

2016 – The Evolution – Towards a mindful lifestyle

Living in Berlin definitely aroused my interest for living a more eco-friendly lifestyle. But that’s only when I was back in Geneva that my eco-conscious journey really started to awaken. I had a wake-up call after watching a plastic-free lifestyle and how to avoid waste video. I started reducing my waste, first, in my kitchen and then in my bathroom. Shortly after, I have been introduced to an eco-friendly fashion brand, upcycling materials and using natural fibers making their clothing line 100% biodegradable. I had the pleasure to cooperate with them here and here.
As weird as it sounds, I enter the ethical fashion world through a “less (zero) waste” lifestyle. I realize that living a more sustainable life was also about to be mindful in my fashion purchases. It was a one-way ticket. By the end of the year, I was able to considerably reduce my waste and slowly withdraw myself from fast-fashion brands.

2017 – The Epiphany

In January I started my conscious fashion journey with a Slow Fashion Challenge and launched my monthly series of Sustainable Talk interviews featuring sustainable experts. I am now focusing on introducing you to ethical fashion brand from made in local to recycled textile while staying true to my feminine and pastel style. Another focus of 2017 is to introduce you to green beauty products, eco-friendly places, and tips.

Changing our lifetime consumption habits is a long and ever-evolving journey. I am learning every day and I am happy to be sharing my sustainable journey with you so we can learn from each other to live in a more sustainable society.
Keep in mind that every little step counts.

Thank you for passing by The Pastel Project today and for your continued support!
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Bisous, Margot

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about the pastel project and margot guilbert