working from home

The one thing you shouldn’t skip when working from home is getting dressed! I used to get up, take my breakfast and jump directly on my computer and start working in pajamas. I thought that it would save me time. Wrong routine. I realized I was way more efficient the days I was properly dressed up like I was going to a conventional office. Getting dressed is a mood booster. At the end of the day, even if you haven’t left the house, you actually feel like it was a real day and you can enjoy your night time routine, putting on your pajamas!
That’s one good resolution of mine for 2017 – never skip a day of dressing up even if I am not going out that day!
What keeps your mood up when working from home?

working from home
working from home

Another goal of mine is to wear more red apparel, like this vintage sweater I found in my grandmother’s closet. Julian kept saying for years that red hues look good on me. So I guess I am going to listen to him this year 😉 I paired it with my new favorite wool/cashmere trousers made in France (last seen here), perfect to stay chic and cozy at home during the winter months. Red and soft pink is definitely my favorite color combination. What’s ours? Which color would like to wear more often this year?

working from home

working from home
working from home

A clean and declutter desk is also my way to keep a clear and focused mind and not being distracted by the mess. What about you?

PS: love my new eco-friendly iPhone case from Pela case!

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11 comments on “The one thing you shouldn’t skip when working from home”

  1. I suppose it would be easy to just sit around in your PJs while you are at home working but as you say it will feel like a proper night time routine if you dress during the day & get changed into them again at night. Red and baby pink aren’t colours that I would have normally put together but they actually work really well with your outfit :). Thanks for sharing those tips

  2. Entièrement d’accord, je crois que s’astreindre à une discipline c’est important; je m’en rend compte les week-end lorsque je ne travaille pas, je suis clairement moins efficace en tenue de pyjama…. Quant à ma couleur préférée je n’en ai pas une en particulier mais se vêtir d’un habit d’une couleur pétante durant l’hiver , c’est une bonne idée:-)

    • Oui! une couleur plus accentuée ou au contraire plus douce, ça fait du bien au moral en hiver. En tout cas, ca change du noir et du gris! Merci, Angie! Bisous!

  3. I absolutely agree with you. With or without activity outside, getting dressed for me is a must. Your vintage sweater is gorgeous, and you look lovely in your outfit.

  4. Even if I am at home I love wearing something nice and I always keep my working area clean which keeps me focussed otherwise I would spend my time cleaning everything.

    I love your outfit and working space 🙂

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