Pastel & Floral Romper | Annecy

Monday 1st of August was the Swiss National Day. As a day off, we decided to go to Annecy where we met up with friends for a sporty afternoon of canyoning.***UPDATE – PHOTOS & VIDEO – CANYONING, at the end of this post!!***

To make the most of this trip, we arrived early morning to enjoy the beauty of the city and the breathtaking view over the lake and its crystal clear waters from the Pâquier and Le Pont des amours (the bridge of loves). This pastel & floral romper was perfect for the balmy weather. It’s light, airy and pretty! The winning combo! Do you like rompers?

Pastel & Floral Romper | Annecy
Pastel & Floral Romper | Annecy
Pastel & Floral Romper | Annecy

Pastel & Floral Romper | Annecy

Pastel & Floral Romper | Annecy

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Pastel & Floral Romper | Annecy

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Photos: Julian Calo


canyoning-montmin-2The Group and Mother-Nature.
canyoning-montmin-1Reverse slide!
canyoning-montmin-4I overcame my fears to jump. A few years ago I had 2 displaced vertebrae because of that!
canyoning-montmin-6ChaCha amazed by the scenery.

Julito aka GoPrographer, aka photographer for The Pastel Project, aka the best boyfriend!

Enjoy the video!

Photos:  Video: Julian Calo

34 comments on “Pastel & Floral Romper | Annecy”

  1. ! Tu es vraiment ravissante dans ce combishort! La fluidité, la légèreté du tissu, la couleur et la forme en font une tenue parfaite pour ce bel été, je craque à 100%!

    • Thank you TheCuriousPixie! Didn’t think of that but yeah perfect sleeves if one has a bingo wings problem! 😉
      xo, Margot

  2. Hi ! We would like to thank you for the times that you had with Monté Médio ! We hope that the Canyoning was a great experience for you ! 🙂

    PS : the link for the photos isn’t “” but “” 🙂

    • My mistake for the misspelling! it’s been corrected! the link was correct, though.
      Thank you for a great time!

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