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Hi, everyone! Here is my Slow Fashion Challenge Recap! You can follow my Pinterest Slow Fashion Challenge recap board here as well.
For those of you who just got on board, the Slow Fashion Challenge took place during the second half of January. This challenge was a way for me to 1/ be creative by putting together looks with clothes already in my closet 2/ stop buying at fast-fashion retailers (helped me to stay away from useless purchases during the sales period) 3/ be mindful of my next purchases meaning buying from sustainable brands (buy made in local, buy recycled and natural garments, buy fewer but better, etc).

This Slow Fashion Challenge helped me realized how my clothes were made and most obviously where they were made (and for most of them, I could only imagine who made them and in which conditions…).
The summary below strengthens my thoughts about being aware and careful of what I am buying. Fashion is not just a way of expressing my personal style and personality anymore, but it also about respect. Respecting people who make our clothes (with good working conditions and fair wages), respecting the environment and as a consequence, our own health (recycling garments, using less water, reducing carbon footprint, using natural fabrics etc) to also reach for a fair economy.  While it may sound utopian now, I believe it’s possible.
That’s why, from now on, I will be introducing you to ethical brands with a social, economical, and eco-friendly impact.

13 looks – 60 items used

21 items Made in China {Samsøe + Samsøe, Mint & Berry, Only, New Look, Zara, Uniqlo, Banana Republic, Polo Ralph Lauren, & Other Stories, Vans, Hunter, Levi’s}
3 items Made in Indonesia {Promod, Michael Kors, Banana Republic}
1 item Made in India {Zara}
3 items Made in Vietnam {Nike, Sorel, Tommy Hilfiger}

1 item Made in Mexico {Levi’s}
1 item Made in Canada {Canada Goose}

6 items Made in Turkey {COS, Mango, Zara, Topshop, Pull & Bear, Sincerely Jules}
2 items Made in France {Carrousel, Bocage}
6 items Made in Europe {COS (Romania), Maje (Slovakia), IRO, Ray-Ban, Chloé (Italy), Freitag (Poland)}

7 second-hand items (mostly bags and coats)

9 items unknown {not mentioned like Olive Clothing, Bocage, Asos Denim, Jekel Paris, Beanie from market, DIM thighs, H&M socks, scarf & Other Stories (tag cut), Bag Patrizia Pepe}

Slow Fashion Challenge | RecapLook 7 – Trousers made in France are now 50% off.

I hope this Slow Fashion Challenge inspires you to re-wear some of your left behind clothes and inspires you to reduce compulsive purchase.
I may be doing another Slow Fashion Challenge beginning of April with all the spring/summer clothes I already have in my closet.

Would you like to see another Slow Fashion Challenge? Would you join me?

Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below! I would love to hearing from you!

Thank you for stopping by The Pastel Project today!
Much love, Margot

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