If you’re visiting Barcelona, I would definitely recommend you to go watch the sunrise over Barceloneta beach.

I was surprised when Julian suggested me to go watch the sunrise on a Saturday. He had worked hard the whole week for his full-time job as the Coordinator for the Arts at CERN program and as the photographer for The Pastel Project so the least I was expecting from him was to wake up before the sun on a weekend. But I was over the moon.
Julian and I are not what you would call early morning birds, but we were determined and set our alarms earlier than our weekly alarms.


We were staying in the center of Barcelona, a 30-40 minute walk from Barceloneta beach. We might have been a little too ambitious to walk all the way there… We were a little behind schedule so we jumped in a taxi and arrived just before the sun started to rise. It was a little cloudy that day (mid-November) so we waited some extra minutes to see the sun rising from behind the clouds painting a beautiful pastel sky.



I was all cozy in this extra large sweater with wide sleeves (last seen in this post). Two hours before embarking for Barcelona I decided to stitch silky ribbons on the sleeves. I’ve been seeing this bow-sleeve trend everywhere. Instead of buying a new jumper I’ve decided to use my creative mind and I went for a super duper easy DIY.

DIYed Sweater (similar shape here)
& Other Stories wool scarf
Levi’s Jeans
Converse All Star white



Being able to wear just a sweater and a scarf mid-November is quite a treat although I could have brought a jacket or poncho while waiting for the sun.





After that sunrise moment (see in this article another sunrise episode), I told Julian how proud I was of us (a little self-compliment always brings more motivation). I am personally working on how to become a morning person and implement a stronger morning routine to be efficient throughout the day especially when working alone.
We felt all energized to keep exploring Barcelona for the rest of the day. Stay tuned for my next article to see where we had breakfast + a little giveaway!

Are you a morning person?
Do you have a strong morning routine?
What’s the one thing you like to do first thing in the morning?

Thank you for stopping by, it’s always such a pleasure to read your comments!
Bisous, Margot

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DIYed Sweater (similar shape here)
& Other Stories wool scarf
Levi’s Jeans
Converse All Star white

Photos: Julian Calo

14 comments on “Sunrise over Barceloneta Beach”

  1. That sunset is gorgeous! Well, I wouldn’t say that I am more of a morning person or that I have strong morning habits, but I’m really working on improving my morning routine. One thing I like to do in the morning is having coffee and planning my day. 🙂

  2. Barcelona beach is too beautiful to be true! Love your DIYed sweater, the pink bows are adorable. I enjoy mornings when I fall asleep early so when I wake up I have more time to get ready and more time to walk to school. Morning walks during Autumn make me feel fresh and energized.
    BS, xx

    • It was a bit chilly when the sun wasn’t out yet…but during the day the temperatures were pretty warm for what I am used to in October! There is a post coming out tomorrow on the blog from that same day where I am wearing a super light top 😉

    • Thank you so much for your sweet comment, Kaitlyn <3 you made my day! A new post is coming on the blog tomorrow! 😉 xo

  3. I’m definitely not a morning person mainly cuz I don’t sleep at night but would definitely get up just see that beautiful sunrise and take in the smell of the morning waves (something that I adore)

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