Xaanuu - natural waterproof mascara

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A few months ago when I was searching for more natural mascaras, I came across XaaNuu, a mascara product line, born in Switzerland and made in Mexico.

Just before I left Europe, I had the great opportunity to meet the founder, Liliana, to talk in depth and honesty about her brand and product. For some time, Liliana who is originally from Mexico, lived surrounded by nature in New-Zealand. This brought her many memories back from childhood when her grandmother used mamey, the local and popular fruit from the south of Mexico, for most of her beauty products. With these thoughts and in this environment she felt the urge of creating a natural beauty product brand of her own.

If like me, you want to upgrade to safer mascara, XaaNuu will give your lashes a boost with the waterproof benefit for the humid days ahead without exposing you to a bunch of toxic ingredients.

Keep reading to learn more about my experience, and for the conscious girls who want to stay in the know; I will go into more details about the ingredients.

Xaanuu - natural waterproof mascara
Xaanuu - natural waterproof mascara

My experience and why I love XaaNuu mascara:

XaaNuu was my very first natural mascara and I was amazed by the result. First of all, I love the lightweight and airy texture that leaves my lashes clump-free, longer with a beautiful curl.
Once applied on the eyelashes, the mascara dries up quickly. I always start with the upper eyelashes, let the mascara dry and continue with the lower lashes. I usually apply two coats of mascara to intensify the look.
I’ve been using XaaNuu mascara while living in Geneva, and I am currently using it during my trip to Indonesia where humidity goes up to 90%! As an example, these pictures were taken in Bali. I’ve been wearing the mascara throughout the day and it didn’t smudge at all. No panda eyes by the end of the day! This mascara is then waterproof approved in humid climates.
One thing that I dislike from conventional waterproof mascaras is the stiffness of my lashes. Some mascaras are so strong that it is difficult to remove correctly by the end of the day. On the contrary, I find XaaNuu natural waterproof mascara very easy to remove. I gently rub my eyelashes with a reusable cotton pad or my fingers and some organic coconut oil and voilà! Ready to go to bed all clean!

Xaanuu - natural waterproof mascara

Xaanuu - natural waterproof mascara
Xaanuu - natural waterproof mascara

Why XaaNuu is a good natural mascara?

When purchasing a beauty product, I like to understand what’s in it.

> Oils and waxes: the good ingredients

XaaNuu is made 95% of natural ingredients. The mamey seed oil {pouteria sapota} is the main component that protects, hydrates, helps grow hair and brings thickness. It’s associated with a handful of natural oils and waxes like sweet almond, palm, orange, lemon, bergamot oils and carnauba wax, beeswax, soybean & palm seed wax. Its the combination of all the above ingredients that make the mascara waterproof.
There is also Tocopheryl acetate, a designation that might sound scary at first. However, Tocopheryl is actually the vitamin E {an antioxidant} combined with the acetic acid {an organic compound you can mainly find in vinegar}, which helps protect against oxidative damage.

> Synthetic ingredients: the safer choices

As in each natural mascara, there are a tiny bit of synthetic ingredients. While doing research, I found out that not all synthetic ingredients are hazardous for our health. Liliana has selected the safer choice of synthetic ingredients to ensure its performance, hygiene, and safety without compromising our health. You will find:
Iron oxides 77491 are pigments used to color cosmetics and are considered low hazard concern by EWG.
Cyclomethicone, known as silicone, is a lightweight-spreading agent that helps carry the oils into hair and evaporates quickly after application. It’s considered low hazard concern by EWG.
Potassium sorbate is a preservative considered low-moderate hazard concern by EWG and is a much better option than parabens and phenoxyethanol.

Is this Mascara organic and vegan?

This subject was part of our conversation during our meeting. At the moment, you won’t find the above certifications on the packaging. Those labels are part of a long process to obtain and can be quite expensive for a young brand. Nevertheless, Liliana carefully chooses her ingredients; none of them are treated with pesticides nor grown next to another pesticide-treated field. As for the test part, she tests on herself. No animals involved, it’s vegan-friendly!

Seeking greener options for the future

Talking about green beauty inevitably brought the eco-friendly subject on the table. I was thrilled to hear that Liliana was looking into recyclable and/or reusable packaging to lessen waste. This matter is really dear to my heart as I strive to reduce my trash and go “zero-waste”. I can’t wait for the next mascara generations! Find a new formula to remove the silicone (Cyclomethicone) is also part of her number one priority.

Xaanuu - natural waterproof mascaraWith mascara
Xaanuu - natural waterproof mascaraWithout mascara

Xaanuu - natural waterproof mascara

Xaanuu - natural waterproof mascara
Xaanuu - natural waterproof mascara

Where to shop:

On XaaNuu’s website here.
International shipping
In Geneva’s shops and pharmacies:
Nature en Vrac
Pharmacie Populaire Grosclaude
Pharmacie Populaire Petit-Lancy/Onex
Pharmacie EauxVives-Lac
Pharmacie EauxVives-Favon
Pharmacie des Mies

*in natural cooperation with Xaanuu for the conscious girls who want safer beauty products and want to understand them. Thoughts and writing are my own.

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