We don’t like tags unless it’s one that explains where and how your clothes were made, but we are millennials, therefore we can change the world.

The Pastel Project is the place to discover fair fashion, green beauty, and an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Through our multimedia communications platform, we hope to spread the mindful, fair and eco-friendly work of sustainable brands that can help us all wake-up and improve our consuming habits, build a better fashion industry and a fairer society.

Based in Lisbon, and working internationally, we practice what we preach. We aspire to a zero waste life, we adopted a lifestyle that could help reshape the industry, we communicate about it, and we share information about brands that carry this message. It may sound utopian, but we believe that you, me, and the person sitting next to you, together as consumers, we can change the course of things.

Margot and Julian

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The Pastel Project is a team of two, Margot and Julian, an international duo working for a change.

This is Margot…

…my very own beautiful, smiling, classy, French woman with a natural glow (I’m not possessive at all, it’s just figure of speech, I am deeply in love with her). We met in the UK as students, back in 2009. I “accidentally” pushed her (pretty hard she says) at a club while dancing and “very nervously” apologised. The situation was quite funny, so a couple of genuine smiles and an honest conversation got her to dance with me…we only got into a more serious relationship a year after that though, and it has been absolute growth and quite an adventure since then!

As an introvert, Margot started The Pastel Project as a need. This platform gave her a space and time for expression. With a background in International Business and Marketing, she’s passionate about fashion, crafts, design, visual arts, and obviously pastel colors, which represent purity. As she blogged about fashion, she learned a lot about the industry, and she progressively understood its place in our world, in our economy and in our society. The same happened with every other kind of product we all consume on a daily basis.

Margot grew up in the countryside near the mountains, she’s always been close to nature, she was very influenced by her childhood friends who are environmentalists, and she always recycled very carefully. It’s all part of who she is, and this was in complete incongruence with the fashion industry of today. That’s how The Pastel Project was re-born as a place where we want everyone to find out which brands are doing good.

About The Pastel Project Margot
About The Pastel Project Julian
Have you ever seen a young twenty-year-old man neatly fold his sweater and carefully store it away from a drunk crowd at a party? I have, back in 2009 at an Erasmus party in the UK.

This is Julian…

…my very own tall, crazy, Argentinean/Italian, charming man who talks a lot. Lively and witty, intelligent and funny, he manipulates languages as he pleases. He moved to the US at eleven years of age and learned English right away. He was fluent after three months, while in schools in France we struggled to form a three-word phrase. At twenty-one, he decided to join me in France, where he became a fluent French speaker after a couple of months, wordplay included.

Julian is part of The Pastel Project adventure since day one. He’s passionate about photography, so he started by capturing my outfits. After TPP’s direction took on sustainability as its main focus, he joined the adventure full time in June 2017. Even though he struggles to admit it, he enjoys the art of style and what to wear, it’s in his blood. He is passionate about sustainable fashion, which is in a way an homage to his grandparents who were the founders of a very successful textile enterprise, 100% made in Argentina that went bankrupt in the late 90s after the country opened its doors to Asian importation.

Spontaneous, authentic and naturally perseverant (after all, it took him one year to enchant me), you will find him more often in front of the camera in 2018 as he will present brands/looks for men.

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Sustainability is the future, there isn’t one without it. We live for the change, for the better, and that is our source of living. The Pastel Project is our business, it’s what we do. We do the research, we design and implement the ideas, we create the content and we make it available. We are extremely happy to be able to do this, to learn so much as we go, and to be part of this ever-growing community. We are happy for the collaborations being developed, and for people to learn about new, sustainable brands.

The Pastel Project complies with the guidelines of endorsement over reviews, articles, or any other publication in collaboration with a sustainable brand by disclosing the collaboration on the publications themselves. The articles published on The Pastel Project are nonetheless our own candid ideas and genuine thoughts. We work with brands that share our vision, products that are ethically made, with thoughtful principles and virtuous beliefs.
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