Casual & Sustainable Summer look with Dressing Responsable

Outfit details: Deep blue linen dress {under 80€}; Bucket bag {on sale, under 100€ !}leave shape earrings; Lotus collection rings – to shop on Dressing Responsable & get 10% off on your entire purchase with code BienvenueTPP including items on sale!

Voila! The third and last outfit of this beautiful collaboration with the online shop Dressing Responsable! After showing you a chic-urban look and a rather romantic outfit, I hereby propose to you a more casual summer look with this night blue linen dress from La Révolution Textile (the textile revolution). I was instantly interested in their ethical criteria, its complexity, and completeness. I explain that further down this article; I think you’ll also find it convincing!

Casual & Sustainable Summer look with Dressing Responsable
Casual & Sustainable Summer look with Dressing Responsable

Linen, eco-friendly and European fiber.

You guessed it! This dress is 100% linen, a fiber grown in Europe, and comes from one of the oldest cultivated plants in human history. From France to the costs of the Netherlands, thanks to an oceanic climate, which is naturally humid, growing linen requires no irrigation. It implies that rain water is sufficient which also means that it requires less water than other fibers.

The Oeko-Tex® certification for textiles

In order to guarantee the social and environmental quality of the production of its textiles, La Révolution Textile chooses to work with suppliers holding the international label Oeko-Tex®. This certification guarantees the absence (or low content) of toxic products (heavy metals, phenols, pesticides, etc.) in the process from cultivation to manufacture, which is the case in the spinning and dyeing thread process of their linen collection.

Traceability in Manufacturing: Made in France & Portugal

La Révolution Textile reveals the nine steps in its production, from the design to packaging here.

Transparency: the fair price

The regular comment I get when it comes to talking about ethical fashion is: that’s great, but it’s expensive! Because of Fast fashion {= delocalisation, unfair wages and mass production}, we now have a wrong idea of the true cost of garments that have been manufactured responsibly. La Révolution Textile explains the true cost of one of their t-shirts in complete transparency and in a clear graph here.

For all the reasons above, I was very excited to show you this ethical brand.

Casual & Sustainable Summer look with Dressing Responsable

Coming back to the design of the dress, I’m in love with the knot that allows you to subtly tighten the waist of this straight cut dress.

It seems a little short, but linen stretches a bit after it is washed, which will make this one about 8cm longer, falling just above the knees.

When it comes to a monochrome and relaxed outfit, I always try to give it a chic touch with golden jewelry. I absolutely love the delicate poetry expressed through the French made creations by My Sen. With this dress, I wear the rings from the collection named Lotus which tells the evolution of the flower: one petal, two petals, three petals, three big petalsclosed lotus flower, open Lotus flower, big Lotus flower, big double petal Lotus flower.

I finished the look by adding these double leaf earrings, also from My Sen, {last worn with this white dress as well} which in my opinion give the look a subtle wow effect.

Casual & Sustainable Summer look with Dressing Responsable
Casual & Sustainable Summer look with Dressing Responsable

Casual & Sustainable Summer look with Dressing Responsable

I am wearing this leather bucket bag by Inaden, hand-made in an ethical factory in Addis-Abeba, Ethiopia. In a fair-trade approach, Inaden seeks the value of local craftsmanship and primary materials avoiding mass production. Inaden’s minimalist and timeless leather goods collections are there to last and stay in your capsule wardrobe forever.

Casual & Sustainable Summer look with Dressing Responsable
Casual & Sustainable Summer look with Dressing Responsable

Dressing Responsable is one of my favourite online shops for discovering ethical products. I hope you will find happiness here as well. And make sure to get your 10% discount with the code BienvenueTPP for your first order, including everything on sale!

See you very soon for new ethical looks, if the Filipino internet wishes it so!

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Bisous, Margot

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Photo: Marie-Louise Gaspard

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