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Today’s “ethical” OOTD, is about mindfulness. The idea of a sustainable journey is not about replacing your previous fast-fashion purchases overnight, but it’s about slowing down on your purchases, enjoying what you already have before buying ethically-made items. It’s about a progressive, slow and steady, but sure change in your wardrobe, your habits, and ultimately your lifestyle.
This dress, which I bought one year ago, was my last “unconscious” purchase in terms of ethical shopping. At the time, I had started reducing my purchases at conventional retailer stores.
The question today is why am I not considering this dress ethical? It’s made of polyester in India so the environmental and social aspects are at stake. Taking into consideration the country of production (the brand is from the UK) we could ask ourselves before buying: what are the working conditions of the seamstresses like? If it was an ethical brand, they would be proud to disclose this aspect on their website, but there is a complete lack of transparency about the production of this dress. Regarding the fabric, polyester is a synthetic fiber derived from petrochemicals. It goes without saying that’s not eco-friendly.
For a long time, I was unsure about showing it to you on the blog. Since I am sharing my daily outfits, this would have meant that I would have never been able to wear it again. But I would find it hypocritical of me to let you think that I have a 100% ethical wardrobe and it would be a shame to leave it stocked in the closet.

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