Natural & Zero Waste Body Scrub

Welcome back to the Green Beauty Department! Today I am sharing with you my favourite natural and zero waste body scrub that I’ve been using for ages, a simple formula of coffee grounds with Argan oil!

Natural & Zero Waste Body Scrub

Natural & Zero Waste Body Scrub

The DIY is quick and simple; just mix recycled coffee grounds with Argan oil in your hands and rub all over your body. You can actually use any type of oil. The oil makes scrubbing smoother on the skin and hydrates it.
I use unroasted organic Argan oil I bought last December when I was visiting a women’s cooperative in Morocco (I had the pleasure to see how they make the Argan oil before buying the product. Have a look at my video starting at 6 minutes 13 seconds). When I will run out of my current Argan oil, I will go for this one.
I don’t rub my face with it because the grain is too hard on my sensitive skin. I’ll share with you my face scrub soon!

Natural & Zero Waste Body Scrub

Natural & Zero Waste Body Scrub

The benefits of coffee scrubs with oil on your skin:

Help shaving/waxing: It removes dead cells and prevents ingrown hairs. I usually do it before waxing my legs.
Wake up the skin: it helps with blood flow to reduce or prevent varicose veins.
Hydrate & save time: using oils under the shower already hydrate your skin so you don’t need to add a moisturizer after the shower.

The benefits of natural and zero waste scrubs on you, the planet and for your wallet:

Good for your wallet: if you drink coffee at home, don’t throw away the used coffee grains. Instead, use it as a scrub. It’s a great way to recycle and make the most of what you already have at home without having to buy another beauty product. #ZeroWaste
Good for the planet: did you know that most of the supermarket or luxurious scrubs contain plastic microbeads? Those microbeads are derived from petrochemicals and are thus harmful to your health. But that’s not all. When you will rinse your scrub, the microbeads will end up in waterways, going straight to the oceans. Now, imagine eating fish which just ate microbeads…

Natural & Zero Waste Body Scrub

Natural & Zero Waste Body Scrub

For the girls who don’t drink coffee, I found a selection of already-made coffee scrubs with coconut oil & jojoba beads, peppermint, or almond & macadamia oil just below! (ps: make sure you’re not allergic to nuts!)

Coffee scrubs

Below is a little selection of organic oils that you can mix with your ground coffee beans:


Have you ever tried coffee body scrub? If no, will you give it a try? What’s your favourite natural body scrub?

Stay tuned for more green beauty articles to come!
With love,

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Photos: Julian Calo

5 comments on “Natural & Zero Waste Body Scrub”

  1. Ok! So you and I are the same person right now. Haha
    I have been using coffee grinds as a facial scrub with sugar granules and some oils. It has been amazing for my skin that needed some serious exfoliating due to being on some medications. It is a bit harsh for the face, so I don’t recommend it for everyone. I didn’t even think of using it as a body scrub, but I will now!

    • Ha! Amazing! Yes, coffee and even sugar are too harsh for my sensitive skin. Let me know what you think about the coffee body scrub once you’ve tried it! 😉 xo

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