Slow Fashion Challenge | Look 2

Slow Fashion Challenge is continuing with this second look! I love wearing soft colors during the winter season, especially white, cream, blush! It gives a nice skin glow and brightens up the mood during a gloomy day.
See more of this look below and explanations about the clothes I am wearing!

Slow Fashion Challenge | Look 2

Slow Fashion Challenge | Look 2

Vintage coat: find at my grandmother’s. Second-hand one of the great ways towards a sustainable living. You consume something that already exists.

Pull & Bear Jumper: fast fashion shop from Spanish giant, Inditex but since I already purchased this knit, the most sustainable way to use it is to wear it. I added pink bows last autumn. Find explanations in this post (Made in Turkey)

Chloé bag : one of the best purchases I have done quality wise. Since then, I never bought any fake leather bags. Buying a faux-leather bag is worth than buying a leather bag unless it’s made of natural materials (like pineapple leather). The right approach when buying leather goods is to know where the leather comes from. Was the animal just killed for its skin? obviously not ethical. Or does the leather come from the food industry? in this case, I see it like a sustainable sourced material avoiding more waste. Regarding this bag, I don’t have any informations: lack of transparency. And to be honest, I didn’t think about it when I bought it back in 2015.

Slow Fashion Challenge | Look 2

Slow Fashion Challenge | Look 2

Slow Fashion Challenge | Look 2

& Other Stories scarf: it’s made of 100% wool. This one is definitely a timeless wardrobe essential. If you bring back & Other Stories empty beauty product packaging you get 20% off your next purchase. A solution to avoid waste.
It’s a brand under the H&M group. And while I was doing some research, I discovered that the group is working on their sustainability approach by being 100% circular. Read more about their strategy here.

Topshop jeans: another fast fashion brand…

Nike Rosh-run: another fast fashion giant…

Slow Fashion Challenge | Look 2
Pompom beanie: bought on Berlin’s winter market. This one will drive crazy the cruelty-free activists because it’s a fur pompom. When I bought it 4 years ago, I didn’t think of the ethic behind the product but only about the aesthetic . I will explain my point of view about fur in tomorrow’s look 3!
What do you think about fast fashion companies vs their sustainable strategies and transparency?

PS: Even if it can sound contradictory, this slow fashion challenge is a reflection in my previous fast fashion purchases and my way to still promote fashion but with a conscious mind. I hope you will understand my approach!
In the meantime, feel free to let me know what you think in the comment box below!

Join the Slow Fashion Challenge and make the most of the clothes you already own. You can share your looks with me on Instagram with the #SlowFashionChallenge!

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Bisous, Margot

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Photos: Julian Calo

13 comments on “Slow Fashion Challenge | Look 2”

  1. I really like your outfit! I love pink and blush and all the soft colors. It’s so nice to see them in winter when everyone else is so into black or grey.

  2. Great look! I so rarely buy retail clothing and accessories (save for a few new pairs of shoes ev’ry now and then) that it’s like second nature to me. There are so many used and vintage clothes available now and they’re good for the environment and great for the pocket book.

  3. I love your outfit and I support the idea of using old clothes to make new mix and matches. To be honest, I don’t always think of the brand’s sustainable strategies and transparency when I want to buy something. However, it’s in the back of my head and if it’s advertised as an ethical product I do prefer to buy that.

    • Thank you very much, Trinity for your support!
      I think only a few people think about the brand’s sustainability before purchasing a product. We’ve never been educated to shop that way.
      I think if it’s in the back of your head now, it’s already a big step! And I am happy to know it! 🙂 It’s a long journey to change our habits but it will worth it in the long run! 😉

  4. Thanks of the very entertaining article – I have found it really interesting and useful. Nice clothes worn in the shoot but I preferred the colours and filters used for the images – really effective.

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