Slow Fashion Challenge | Look 6

Continuing the Slow Fashion Challenge with clothes I have in my closet for months/years but that I’ve never thought of matching together!
If you have a sleeveless dress that you love, and still would like to make the most of it during the winter days, simply pair it with a cashmere turtleneck jumper underneath. Remember last October when I showed you how to wear a summer dress during the fall season? Think about layering!
This tuxedo dress is a great design for the office without looking too conservative and is versatile enough to wear for an after-work drink with friends.
I also like to elevate an all-black outfit with a pastel touch of mine. 😉

Slow Fashion Challenge | Look 6
Slow Fashion Challenge | Look 6

Mango tuxedo dress: made in Turkey

Uniqlo cashmere jumper: made in China

Slow Fashion Challenge | Look 6

Slow Fashion Challenge | Look 6
Slow Fashion Challenge | Look 6

Vintage bag: Found this 60’s bag at a thrift shop in Geneva (La Renfile, Meyrin) while we were shopping vintage furniture for our apartment. I barely shop at second-hand shops for clothes but I immediately fell in love with the sleek and sophisticated shape.

& Other Stories faux-fur gloves: made in China (palm: leather, lining: silk and back shell: acrylic)

Slow Fashion Challenge | Look 6

New Look Blush Coat: made in China

Bocage boots: made in France! (leather)

Slow Fashion Challenge | Look 6
Slow Fashion Challenge | Look 6

Slow Fashion Challenge | Look 6

I hope this outfit inspires you to recreate your own look with similar garments you already have in your closet. Join the Slow Fashion Challenge and show me your outfits with the hashtag #SlowFashionChallenge on Instagram!

Thank you for stopping by! See you tomorrow for look number 7!
Bisous, Margot

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Photos: Julian Calo

29 comments on “Slow Fashion Challenge | Look 6”

    • Thank you, Jasmin! You know what, I realize that I fell in love everytime more when wearing it.

    • Awesome, Amy! Thank you for sharing it with me! Let me know how it goes! Feel free to tag me and use #SlowFashionChallenge on Instagram @thepastelproject_com >

    • Exactly! Donating is a great way to approach the sustainable fashion world 😉
      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts! xo

  1. I loooove pairing a pastel color, specifically pink, with the color black. It’s such a juxtaposition and I love it! You really draw attention that way. What a cute look

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