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Hello ! Today is the first Thursday of May which means that I am back with a Sustainable Talk interview – your monthly appointment for discovering experts in the fields of ethical fashion, green beauty, and sustainable living. I am very honoured to having the lovely Manon from the blog Happy New Green that I got to know thanks to Emilie from the online shop, Dressing Responsable. Born in Nice and currently based in Paris, Manon shares with us her ethical looks, her favourite sustainable designer discoveries and her practical guides on how to shop and build a more conscious closet. Her blog is real slow fashion directory! Without further ado, find out more about Manon’s journey and her tips to live a more conscious lifestyle.
Sustainable Talk: Interview with Manon from Happy New Green

– Manon from Happy New Green – Photo by Marie-Louise, Agence Photo Sight by Sight. –
Margot: When and how did you begin your journey in the world of ethical fashion?

Manon: I have always been quite aware of environmental issues as well as sustainable development, specially regarding the food I consume. My interest in ethical fashion started in 2014 when I started to look at the tags in clothing while shopping. I began to preferably buy products “made in France”. I then realised that “Made in France” and ethics were not always a synonym, so I started to deeply explore and research on the subject and I quickly understood that when we pay €10 for a t-shirt, it is the workers behind it and our planet who pay the highest price.

{Manon wears a sweater from French brand, Carrousel Clothing. Exist in pastel pink, blue and mint green.}

Sustainable Talk: Interview with Manon from Happy New Green

Margot: What pushed you to open Happy New Green and share your conscious lifestyle? Do you remember the moment igniting this specific desire?

Manon: A book. Towards a Happy Consumption (Vers une consommation heureuse) by Elizabeth Laville, which some might see as a bit truistic, but I find these things are not very often expressed in this material society: over-consumption does not make us happy. That’s when it stroke me, I had to create a blog to share my eco-friendly discoveries.

Sustainable Talk: Interview with Manon from Happy New Green

Margot: What was your first ethical fashion purchase?

Manon: I believe that was a little skirt “Les Petites jupes de Prune (The little plum skirts)”, with mint coloured stripes, made by the designer in Paris. Or it might have been linen or modal t-shirts from Ekyog!

Margot: What are your 3 favourite sustainable fashion articles for this spring?

Manon: That would be my coat, my wool sweater and my boots…? No, more seriously I often find myself wearing this dress from Masscob that I found at what we call in France a wardrobe clear out. I also wear my colourful jacket, Roseanna, made in France, as well as my golden Veja sneakers.

Sustainable Talk: Interview with Manon from Happy New Green
Sustainable Talk: Interview with Manon from Happy New Green
Margot: You’ve recently collaborated with fashion brand, Mue Store, creating your own dress. Could you tell us more about it?

Manon : I had the pleasure of creating a dress with Mue Store, which offers tailor made dresses and skirts made in the Yvelines, France. I was able to learn and appreciate the innovative technology through which you can very simply send two photos of yourself and the template is created automatically. I wanted a simple cut, something I wouldn’t get tired of wearing, as well as a confortable material, in this case a jacquard stretch, woven in la Loire. I really love how this piece adapts to all women: of course you can choose the colour, but you can also choose how deep the neckline goes, how long you want the dress and the cut at the bottom of the dress (hooray for tailor made!). You may see the results on the brand’s website, here. 

Sustainable Talk: Interview with Manon from Happy New Green

Margot: What are some of your tips to start building a more conscious wardrobe?

Manon : I would advice to primarily targeted basic garments in order to be able to wear them most of the time. Meanwhile it’s good to keep an eye on sales and as well as buying in vintage stores to compensate for the prize of some of the more expensive ethical pieces. While a piece is at sight, one thing that helps is picturing your closet to see what could go with it. Think of the shape and form of the clothes you own, and if you’d be able to wear that new piece often. By the way, I have published more tips for an ethical wardrobe on my blog here (only in french).

Margot: Where can one easily find ethical fashion brands, online or in a store?

Manon : Ekyog is a brand with many stores around France. I would also recommend the online shops “Dressing Responsible”, “Made & More” and “Centre Commercial”, which give shoppers a range of brands according to their preferences.

Sustainable Talk: Interview with Manon from Happy New Green

Margot: Do you think one can convince someone to give up fast-fashion? If so, what would your arguments be?

Manon: Yes, of course! I’d talk about my experience: I used to “consume” a lot of clothing, but I never found so much pleasure in getting dressed until I adopted a fair fashion. It has become a source of fulfilment for me. I often talk about this with people who are sensitive to the subject, and I’m not the only one to feel this. At the same time, it becomes more complex because you have to take the time to choose ethical brands, but equally it becomes simpler in the sense that once you have found a brand you can continue through that path. There is no more wasting time touring all sorts of shops, which we don’t know where, and how they produce.

Sustainable Talk: Interview with Manon from Happy New Green

Margot: Finally, what would be your 3 pieces of advice to someone who would like to start a more conscious lifestyle?

Manon: I believe one should go step by step, first starting with the simpler things for one-self, little gestures one can do that don’t require a big effort: one should stop buying certain objects like single-use cotton, and start replacing them with more durable alternatives. This allows you to realise that sometimes things that seem insurmountable are actually pretty easy to achieve. I’ve done it, and I’m the kind of person with little patience.

The second tip would be to “clean up” our heads of all the daily temptations: ads, newsletters, invitations to private sales, new weekly Zara collections…the most efficient way is to completely abandon and avoid fast fashion shops.

I would finally give the advice to start by not buying clothes for a while. This offers the opportunity to rediscover hidden pieces at the back of the wardrobe! It also allows you to buy according to your needs. The key is to buy less, but better.

Thank you, Manon, for taking the time to share your conscious journey with us!
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See you on June 1st for the next Sustainable talk Interview!

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Bisous, Margot

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  1. J’aime beaucoup ces rendez-vous mensuels et le partage des idées de chaque blogueuse! J’adore la robe Mue store; concept très intéressant! On devient styliste et on commande à la couturière. Ça devrait exister pour les chaussures 🙂

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