In yesterday’s article I brought up the eco-friendly environment topic and I will continue talking about it in today’s Sweet Pastel Inspiration. Being more eco-driven is slowly taking over my lifestyle. In our consumerist fast-paced society, I find it hard to adjust ourselves to a healthy & environmentally friendly lifestyle, but in the meantime I find it difficult not to be aware about  it. Considering the easy access to internet and flooding information around it lately, how can’t we act (more) toward it? I guess bad habits are easy to keep and good habits are harder to implement. It’s like eating a processed cookie when you know you should be eating a natural & tasty fruit as a snack, right? I am not yet an expert on that subject, but today I wanted to suggest you some eco-friendly yet chic and pastel ideas to implement in your fashion and beauty routine and more broadly in your lifestyle routine. Hope you like it and don’t hesitate to give me your eco-friendly tips!

More linen Fabric in our wardrobe

Stay Chic like Olivia Palermo in a soft-hued linen dress for summer (via iloverunways)

sweet pastel inpiration 1

Natural dyeing DIY for fabric

Use natural ingredients like flowers or fruits to dye your fabric without harming the planet with chemicals. A great away for me to incorporate pastel hues in my home decor. I should try it asap (via designlovefest)

Design Love Fest, DIY tutorial, Natural dyes, Kristen Kilpatrick, Kristen Kilpatrick Photography, Sarah Reichardt

No more plastic cutlery

Use wooden (with a hint of pastel) cutlery for your picnics (via luvocracy)

sweet pastel inspiration 3

No Plastic wrapping needed around natural products

just grab your natural bar soap naked (via lepetitlourmarin)

sweet pastel inspiration 4

Eco-chic wedding

starting with a natural pink linen wedding dress ( via Lark & Linen)

sweet pastel inspiration 5

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  1. Bravo pour ton article! On doit tous protéger notre environnement pour notre bien être, malheureusement on sait que les politiques ne font pas grand chose ……donc tu as raison de dire qu’il est nécessaire de modifier nos actes même si c’est dérisoire, on se sentira un peu mieux avec nous même. Moi je participe au tri, je fais attention aux consommation d’énergie et d’eau et je prends aussi mon cabat en toile de jute pour faire mes courses.

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